Business Interview…with Harish Agarwal(CEO at Supreme & Co.Pvt.Ltd)

January 28, 2010


 [ Harish Agarwal  gives an insight into the power T&D business of the company,its growth plans and shares his suggestions  on how govt. utilities can help in making the crucial power T&D sector more competitive so as to hasten india’s socio-economic development . An interview by Venugopal Pillai]


Q: We understand that Supreme has entered into an agreement with national utility power grid corporation of India for EHV transmission equipment. Tell us more……….

Ans. Yes, we have entered into an MOU with power grid corporation of india Ltd to establish 1,200-kv UHVAC test station at Bina in Madhya Pradesh. Besides, We have strengthened technical capabilities and  upgraded infrastructures to cater global requirement up to 400-kv transmission line hardware and towers and its accessories. We are really proud of being associated with PGCIL, NTPC and electricity utilities in the country and many global  T&D utilities for more than three decades.

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Aerial Fibre Optics—Complete One Stop Solution for Aerial Fibre Optics

January 22, 2010
Aerial Fibre Optics : Concept, Application &  Safeguards                                                                                                                                       
An optical Fibre is a thin, long, transparent material (usually made of glass or plastic) that confines and propagates light waves. Fibre optics use light pulses to transmit information down fibre lines. At one end of the system is a transmitter. This is the place of origin for information coming on to fibre optic lines. The transmitter accepts coded electronic puls information coming from copper wire.

 Advantages of Fibre Optic Cables over Traditional Wire Cables:

􀂄 Easier and Cheaper installation

􀂄 Many more fibres and channels per cable

􀂄 Uses light signals

􀂄 Consumes low power

􀂄 Carries digital signals

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Happy Pongal

January 14, 2010

Wish You All a Very Happy Makar Sankranti

January 14, 2010

makar sankranti

Elecrama 2010-(with supremeco)

January 9, 2010

“We shall be Displying the following products & services at Upcoming ELECRAMA 2010 exhibition being held in mumbai from 20th to 24th january 2010″

1> Hardware Assembly  for 1200kv Tension, Suspension and Jumper strings.

2> EHV Hardware & Connectors  400kv.

3> OPGW & ADSS – Aerial Fibre Optics on Overhead Electrical lines and their system integration.

4> Substation Clamps and Connectors from 33kv to 1200kv.

5> Transmission & Substation towers and structures.

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Automation of Power Distribution

January 4, 2010
: Electric power utilities worldwide are increasingly adopting the computer aided monitoring, control and management of electric power distribution system to provide better services to electric consumers. The demand of reduced outage rates (both quality and duration) has led most electric companies to reconfigure their distribution networks from radial to normally opened looped, so once faulted section is isolated , power can be restored to the rest of the network from an alternative sources. This task is economically achieved by introducing distribution automation switches which are remotely controlled from a central control room. In this manner, quality and continuity of service to the customer are vastly improved as is user convenience. Therefore, the focus of electric research and development activities worldwide is to automate the electric power distribution system utilizing recent advancement in the area of Information Technology and data communication system.

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