Comprehensive Catalogue and Technical Literature for Electrical Connectors(part II)

May 31, 2010

4) Contact surfaces finished with rough abrading have proven to have an appreciably lower contact resistance as compared to smoothly machined surfaces. Thus serrations can be made in the connector contact surface area can effectively increase the contact area particularly when splicing conductors.

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SCADA as latest innovation for industry

May 14, 2010

Public utility such as power, oil & gas, water and transportation have many challenges in today’s environment. Ensuring the physical safety and security of this infrastructure and its users has increased the need for more effective monitoring and control. Besides, deregulation of many traditional utilities has resulted in a competitiv imperative to better understand and optimally utilize resources such as energy. Deregulation has meant maximizing operational efficiency and improving service responsiveness. Finally increased acquisitions along with emergence of multi-service utilities call for the automation and integration of large scale diverse assets. All these challenges require SCADA systems for the utmost in flexibility, scalability, openness and reliability.