Fittings of LV aerial bundle conductor(part-II)

Conductor fittings:

  • Conductor fittings for dead ending & suspending a cable.
  • The fittings which are suitable for use in finish systems are used in india, as most utilities in india follow the same system.
  • Theoretically, due to messenger being Bare, dead-end clamps should be same as those used for bare conductors. But for ease of construction andconsistent Sag-tension, we use a design, whose performance is not dependent on linemen’s skills. The clamps are not bolted type. A suitably shaped aluminum alloyhousing with tapered holes provided with self-tightening collets. The housing is attached to a rigid “U”bolt or a flexible bail.This is a good safeguard against slippage caused by inadequate torque or conductor damage caused by excessive torque. The clamp design permits the use of uncut messenger in case of change in line angle or orientation. Smaller clamps of similar design for service drops may be used. Al alloy bolted type suspension clamp compatible with a Pole hook are used for suspending of ABC cable, on intermediate poles. Clamping bolt of 48Nm Torque rating is provided to grip the Bare messenger. Bottom of the clamp is covered with plastic to prevent damage to phase conductors from abrasion with suspensionclamp. Specified minimum falling load for dead-end clamps are given in Table-“A”.




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