IEEMA Executive Council Meeting

3rd Executive Council Meeting

The 3rd meeting of the IEEMA executive council was held on 27th january 2011 at Guwahati which was immediately held after successful completion of IEEMA Eastern region summit.

In the meeting members discussed the state of industry and felt that the quarter on quarter trend may not reflect the true state of industry especially in situations where the base figure is either substantially depressed or raised owing to market conditions.

Council also discussed about the Africa report and decided that the information available from the report should be available to a large number of IEEMA members to support their export thrust to Africa, rather than be limited to select few members.

Council also discussed and decided formation of 2 committiees/cells namely Smart Grid and Renewable Energy and also formation of  cell/committees within transformers and switchgears divisions. Apart from this, council discussed about vision 2020 for electricity sector, ISQA 2011, CEO delegation visit to China, ELECRAMA -2012, business to business meet in brazil, Automation industry association, India approved cable initiative etc.

Divisional Meeting

  • Cable division:-  Cable Division meeting was held on 17th february 2011 at IEEMA,  Mumbai.

Cable division members expressed their disappointment about the India approved cable initiative not been accepted by IEEMA in its original form. At this meeting members expressed happiness at the satisfactory progress of CABLEWIRE-2011 conference to be held in november 2011.

  • Switchgear & Controlgear Division:- Switchgear & controlgear division meeting was held on 11th february 2011 at IEEMA, Mumbai. Members discussed about the progress of SWICON-2011 conference and were glad to note that so far 84 synopses have been received.

During the meeting, chairman, Mr.Amitabha Sarkar informed that BIS has requested help of IEEMA for launching of the new revised NEC code. The programme is being planned at Delhi in May 2011, Members also decided to constitute a NEC Sub-Committee.

  • Transformer Division:-  Transformers division meeting was held on 10th february 2011 at IEEMA, mumbai.

Apart from the state of industry members discussed on evolution of a separate PVC clause for star rated distribution transformers and revision of transformer oil PV clause.

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