Supreme at Gridtech 2011

We displayed at PGCIL  stall miniature model of 1200kv substation model showing the

  •  system parameters of 1200kv substation at national test station at Bina (M.P)
  • Equipments used
  • Conductor arrangements.
  • Busbar arrangements
  • Range of clamps & connectors.


Gem Tshering (Director) of Bhutan Power Carefully Studying our display of splicing of Fiber Optic Cables

Mr Anil Razdan being explained by Mr Ganesh Suryanarayanan, CEO, the functioning of AMR and GPRS based data logger.
Mr S. K. Negi, MD GETCO at our stand

Power Grid Director Projects Mr I. S. Jha  taking keen interst in full size display of connector linking 8 bundle conductor with twin busbar 400kv Quad Tension Hardware Fittings

Mr. Anil Razdan, Ex Power Secretary GOI  in our stand at Gridtech 2011

 Mr.S.K.Agarwal ED(TD) & Mr. B.N.De Bhowmick (AGM-TD) at Supreme stall 

Supreme’s display of substation model at Power Grid Stall attaracted large crowds and evoked interest of engineers and students alike

Representative of  LS Cable Mr.David (Hyun-joo) Hwang with our team offering his valuable comments on our Optical Fiber Joint box

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