The Society of Power Engineers(India) invited Mr.Agarwal to deliver a Lecture

June 23, 2011

Our Objective

June 9, 2011

“Our objective is to provide Products of global quality”

 Supreme & Co. Pvt.Ltd

  • Brief outline of your product range and their applications

Ans. Supreme was established in 1970 as a steel based engineering unit having annual capacity of 3600 Metric Tons. It has since diversified and grown into a leading multi-product Engineering unit having combined annual capacity of 25000 Metric Tons of Galvanized Steel fabrications and a very large range of Aluminum, Copper, Plastic & Rubber accessories to cater global requirement of Towers, Hardware & Accessories for Power Transmission & Distribution Lines. Throughout its growth, the company has diligently pursed policies of technical up-gradation, product development, In-house tooling, continuous in-house research and development to meet customized requirements of customer. We have since also branched into EPC contracting for electrical T&D, Aerial Fiber Optics and a wide range of industrial and distribution automation and energy management services.

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