Our Objective

“Our objective is to provide Products of global quality”

 Supreme & Co. Pvt.Ltd

  • Brief outline of your product range and their applications

Ans. Supreme was established in 1970 as a steel based engineering unit having annual capacity of 3600 Metric Tons. It has since diversified and grown into a leading multi-product Engineering unit having combined annual capacity of 25000 Metric Tons of Galvanized Steel fabrications and a very large range of Aluminum, Copper, Plastic & Rubber accessories to cater global requirement of Towers, Hardware & Accessories for Power Transmission & Distribution Lines. Throughout its growth, the company has diligently pursed policies of technical up-gradation, product development, In-house tooling, continuous in-house research and development to meet customized requirements of customer. We have since also branched into EPC contracting for electrical T&D, Aerial Fiber Optics and a wide range of industrial and distribution automation and energy management services.

  • What are the specific advantages of using your products?

Ans. There are many advantages that our company brings on to the table and few of them are as under;

  1. We have people with domain and industry skills who design the product
  2. Years of experience in pioneering the product which is required for the certain solution
  3. Solution centric approach for productization
  4. Quality, cost efficient and on-time delivery capability

The core objective of Supreme & Co. is to provide its customers with products of globally acceptable quality at globally competitive prices and provide the best possible service right from the stage of enquiry till the completion of the contract.

  • Elaborate on your manufacturing locations, location of plants, investments, technology & human resources?

Ans. Supreme has 4 manufacturing locations all of them situated near Kolkata. Supreme has a policy of apportioning part of the profit out of revenue to build up its asset to meet the pent up demand and also increase her market share. Supreme has grown by about 20% over last five years-on-years and has also invested more than 20% in terms asset build-up and getting additional resources.

Supreme’s products are sold and accepted in more than 40 countries covering all the six continents.

Supreme’s products are well accepted in emerging as well as matured markets and its pursuits of global acceptability are reflected in its motto – Indian Roots Global Pursuits.

Supreme by and large covers up for the entire globe, however current market of concentration is Africa, Middle East and Easter Europe countries, which are showing more growth in the utility and infrastructure industry.

Supreme has grown multi fold over last decade in terms and has increased production in the last few years to gear up the upbeat investment plans of Indian power transmission infrastructure.

  • For engineering innovations – outline your company’s focus on R & D ?

Ans. Supreme & Co. will continue to invest in equipment, R&D, manpower as well as Information Technology, to continuously improve and upgrade the level of its service to its customer’s satisfaction, and will endeavor to enhance its overall capabilities in order to effectively compete and succeed in the Global Market place.

  • Quality Assurance Measures?

Ans. Supreme lays particular emphasis on strict adherence to quality norms in order to ensure that its customers get products of globally acceptable quality. As part of its ISO-9001-2000 quality procedure, Supreme has a full fledged Quality Assurance Department which monitors and ensures compliance with technical, procedural as well as commercial requirement of its customers.

  • Key drivers of your industry?

Ans.An estimated $200 billion in global spending is required over the next 5-10 years in the power sector in order to address rising demand and issues around quality, reliability and efficiency of the current power system.

For instance, in India, AT & C losses average at 35% (compared to 5-6% in other countries), coupled with inefficient systems for asset-maintenance, billing and revenue systems etc. There is a clear need to introduce and deploy pertinent technologies to drastically improve the quality and efficiency of the entire energy distribution and transmission channels.

  • Growth prospects of your industry in India?

Ans. For instance, in India, AT & C losses average at 35% (compared to 5-6% in other countries), coupled with inefficient systems for asset-maintenance, billing and revenue systems etc. There is a clear need to introduce and deploy pertinent technologies to drastically improve the quality and efficiency of the entire energy distribution and transmission channels. Supreme is geared for providing the total turnkey solution including product, system, solution and services.

  • Marketing strategies that has lead to the success of your products in India ?

Ans.  Currently utilities and other organizations are looking at the suppliers as turn-key solution provider hence supreme has diversified by keeping its focus on serving the customer better with quality solution. Today Supreme provides the solutions for the entire utility that includes;

  1. EPC & Turnkey solutions for installation of OPGW & ADSS on electrical T&D lines.
  2. Complete solutions and services for energy management, GIS & GPS, Fiber Optic, Distribution Automation, Integrated Security Solutions for Government & Commercial establishments etc.
  3. Supreme works on vendor neutral solutions for fulfilling the customer requirements, and forms strategic alliances with the vendors based on the solution selection guidelines.
  • Significant achievements in company’s history?

Ans. Supreme & Co. Pvt. Ltd. (Supreme) in the initial period was mostly involved in lower voltage areas but was in the process of testing of 400kV Line Hardware Fittings & Accessories. When Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd (PGCIL) took a visionary step of adopting 1200kV Power Transmission System as next higher system voltage after 765kV system for bulk power transmission keeping in view to the projected growth of capacity addition in Power Generation

During the same time High Power Management of Supreme was motivated with PGCIL’s move towards 1200kV development appealed for an opportunity of becoming an active associate of the relevant Working Groups as well as PSC with full commitment to develop such product in-house and on their own investment for this National Project of Bina Test Station.

Supreme and signed an MOU on 12th November, 2008 and allowing working in the following Working Groups:

  1. WG for Transmission Line Insulator Hardware Fittings and Conductor Accessories
  2. WG for Sub-station Hardware Fittings, Clamps & Connectors
  3. WG for Pre-fabricated Jumpers

Supreme although a late entrant into the exclusive club of manufacturers involved in 1200kV transmission line, they were first to make actual supply of hardware fittings and sub station connectors.

  • Key strategic moves that have engineered the success of the company?

Ans. There were many moves that brought success to the company. The primary to all of them is high quality and on-time delivery commitment that we have managed for past four decades has established a strong customer base and has served our growth.

We work on identifying the growth market at an early stage and get the advantage of the first movers. We have committed team of people who constantly provide market analysis feedbacks.

Our investment in R&D and assets and also innovating the way the manufacture is taking place is one more of major factors of our success. We invest in having right talent at the right place that takes of the burden of day-to-day work

Last but not least the people that we have in the organization are fully committed to our success and they believe that their hard work is companies’ success and in-turn their growth. We have very low attrition rate.

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