I was interviewed by magazine “Electrical India” (may 2012)


4 Responses to I was interviewed by magazine “Electrical India” (may 2012)

  1. Vinay Prasad says:

    Dear Harish,

    It was very interesting to read through your interview n Electrical India. We are very pleased to learn that Supreme are a part of the working group at PGCIL for development of a smart grid.

    We have known Supreme as a very progressive Industry in the Electrical field and convey our best wishes for their continued growth.

    Kind Regards,

    Vinay Prasad

  2. Nirav Shah says:

    Dear Mr. Harish,

    Bravo! Brilliant article and really amazing what supreme can do and offer apart from just accessories. It has been really good working with supreme and I know we shall be going a long way in this Kenyan market. We are dedicated to working with you and shall inform you of any new developments in the areas that I have read of in this article.

    Thanking you,

    Nirav Shah

  3. shyam gamane says:

    too good…

  4. shyam gamane says:

    too good

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