Our participation in elecrama 2012 and our role in 1200kv national test station was cover by E&P Info magazine.

May 3, 2012

Extremely popular displays in the whole Elecrama 2012 exhibition

February 4, 2012

Our display of 1200kv substation model and OCTA bundle to TWIN bus bar connection was extremely popular with engineers at utilities, equipment manufacturers, EPC contractors & consultants and with student community as well. These were by far the most photographed displays in the whole exhibition.

Supreme exhibited at Elecrama 2012

February 4, 2012

Supreme exhibited at Elecrama 2012. It was an extremely successful exhibition for us with tremendous interest from utilities, EPC contactors, Engineering Community, supply chain managers and students, of particulars interest was display of 1200kv substation model, connector arrangement From OCTA bundle to TWIN busbar, 400kv substation connectors, 765kv HEX bundle tension & substation strings, and HEXA spacer dampers, solar PV monitoring and Smart street lighting.

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