A half day Summit was organised at Landmark Hotel, Guwahati on Friday, 6th June 2014. The Inaugural summit was titled GO NORTH-EAST 2014 and its Principal sponsor was Supreme & Co Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata.

June 10, 2014

Press Release:

The Northeast of India is endowed with huge untapped natural resources and is rich biodiversity. It is acknowledged as the eastern gateway of India’s Look-East Policy. It shares the international boundaries of India with China, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Myanmar. Generously endowed with vast stretches of fertile land, rich expanse of forests and substantive mineral and hydrocarbon deposits, India’s northeast is potentially one of the richest geographical units of the country. The present economic policy framework for the Northeast region is based on its political economy and a cultural approach, adjusted with a regional planning model. It is implemented mainly through the Planning Commission and the Northeast Council. Despite huge financial investments, this has failed to produce desired results. With Myanmar becoming a member of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), a common market of 500 million consumers is at the doorstep of the Northeast.

A half day Summit was organised at Landmark Hotel, Guwahati on Friday, 6th June 2014. The Inaugural summit was titled GO NORTH-EAST 2014 and its Principal sponsor was Supreme & Co Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata.

Mr. Golap Kr. Das, MD of AEGCL, Mr. Rathindra Lal Barua, MD, APDCL and Mr. K N War, Director of MePDCL highlighted the opportunities in North eastern states and welcome the idea of the summit. Mr. K. Haridoss of North Eastern Council unfortunately provided the information that Mr. P K H Singh, Advisor, NEC was supposed to present in the summit but was unable to do so due to an emergency meeting at Delhi. Mr. Harish Agarwal, Chairman, organizing Committee provided the introduction and context for the organization of this inaugural event

Technical presentations on Compact Transmission Line, Emergency Restoration of Transmission Line by Mr. Harish Agarwal of Supreme & Co and Smart Grid by Mr. Gautam Agarwal of Suprme Gridtech were highly appreciated by the audience and were highly interactive. Mr. Ajay Mahajan of IEEMA introduced iNTELECT 2015 to be held at Mumbai, Mr. Ganesh Parker of Fairact spoke about Power Elec-East Expo to be held at Kolkata during February 2015, Yokogawa India Ltd gave a presentation on Process Automation and Mr. Anit Ghosh of Supreme & Co presented on Geo Energy .
The Summit has provided a platform to different industries and utilities in Eastern and North Eastern States to exchange views and bring focus and attention to the potential of the Eastern and North Region in Power & other Sector. This summit had also bring together Industry stalwarts and key decision makers from various Government departments, Utilities and users from across the Eastern and North Eastern States.

go north Mr. Anith Ghose, Mr. Kesab Mukherjee, Mr. Harish Agarwal, Mr. Goutam Agarwal, and Mr. Prabhat Dhor  (Organizing committee of Go-North East 2014) Go north 1 Mr. R. L. Barua, MD APDCL is addressing in the summit go north 2 A model of Compact Transmission Line shown in the summit go north 3 Mr. Golap Kr. Das, MD AEGCL addressing the gathering go north 4 Mr. K. N. War, Director MePDCL addressing in summit go north 5 Mr. K. Haridoss of NEC go north 6 Mr. A. Mahajan of IEEMA, Mr. D Halder of Yokogawa and Mr G. Parker of Fairact in this summit


Innovative Experiments in transmission line

March 12, 2014

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About Supreme & Co Pvt. Ltd

October 22, 2013

Supreme & Co started as a steel based engineering unit in the year1970 and since diversified into multi-product engineering unit to cater the global requirements of Tower, Hardware and Accessories for Power Transmission and Distribution Lines.

s1  Supreme’s mission is to provide reliable products and services of high functional integrity, to help safe, secure and uninterrupted supply of Electrical Power and Transmission of Communication Signals while maintaining health, safety and environmental standards.The successful work towards design, manufacturing and global orientation has rewarded Supreme a number of prestigious awards.
The vission is to be at the cutting edge of emerging technologies and provide products, services and solutions that will transform the way electric power utilities, manage, distribute electricity and communicate information

Supreme & Co Pvt Ltd is now a reputed player in the field of power transmission and distribution sector up to 1200 kV. The company also provides EPC and turnkey solutions for installation of OPGW and ADSS on electrical T&D lines as well as complete solutions and services for energy management, GIS and GPS, Fibre Optics, distribution automation.

Supreme Grid Tech was established in 2011 as a subsidiary of Supreme with a focus on intelligent energy management solution for the smart grid and solar domains by providing end-to-end monitoring and control frameworks that identify system issues, analyze and improve system performance, leading to optimal operating costs and improved bottom lines.

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The company is a leading global provider of transmission accessories from 1972 and has since spread its wings to more than 50 countries around the world with annual turnover of US$ 48 Million. The Quality Management System of the company is certified as per ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

Supreme‘s  range of products & services are

  1. 1.     UHV, EHV, MV – Substation Clamps & Connectors
  2. 2.     UHV & EHV Insulator Hardware,  Conductor, Earthwire and Tower Accessories For Transmission Lines
  3. 3.     OFC -OPGW & ADSS Cable Accessories and Live-Line Installation Solutions
  4. 4.     LV, MV ABC and Covered Conductors Accessories
  5. Transmission & Communication Towers and Sub-Station Gantry & Equipment Structure
  6. Anchoring Solutions for Emergency Restoration of Transmission Line
  7. Poleline Hardware
  8. Accessories For Earthing & Lightning Protection

Supreme also provide complete engineering procurement & construction services for following areas:

  •  Solar PV Remote Monitoring Solutions
  • Smart Meter – Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
  • GIS Services and Solutions
  • Rural Electrification distribution Lines
  • Smart Grid Applications (i.e. RMS, Renewable Energy Integration, Micro Grid, Demand Response etc.)

The company has facilities in-house and access to third party labs to validate the functional integrity of the products.  We have also simulated many field conditions in-house to validate the design.
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Supreme has added inorganic components to its blistering pace of organic growth by entering strategic joint ventures in products and fields like EPC Construction, Software Development, Transformers, Conductors and Polymers to provide complete solution to global T&D sectors.The company also provides detailed and comprehensive training program to its workforce. The goal of the organization is to develop a holistic human resource management.
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The core objective of Supreme is to provide products & services of globally acceptable quality at competitive prices. Supreme will continue to invest in Equipment, R&D, Manpower and in Information Technology, to continuously improve and upgrade the level of its service to its customer  and will endeavor to enhance its overall capabilities in order to effectively compete and succeed in the global market place.