Technical Literature VI(Standard & Testing)

September 28, 2010

Clause 1.

Standards are nothing but the development and implementation of concepts,guidelines, procedures and design to achieve and maintain the required levels of compatibility, interchangeability or commonality in the operational,procedural, material, technical and administrative field to attain required performance, reliability, consistency, durability or aesthetics.

Standards provide technical specification and performance-based requirements, which focus on functional capabilities of covered products/ Technologies.

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Comprehensive Catalogue and Technical Literature for Electrical Connectors(part I)

April 24, 2010



In most simple terms, Connectors are designed to provide continuous electrical path to two or more conductors in a manner that will provide continuous electrical path without loss, fatigue failure or relaxation of mechanical grip. Electrical connections for electrical conductors require the right Mechanical, Chemical and Electrical properties so that the connectors have adequate Current carrying capacity, Mechanical strength and do not corrode on account of Oxidation or Galvanic corrosion. Also the connection should give due consideration to differential thermal expansion, Inter metallic compound, Fretting, Stress relaxation and Creep.

Even though numerous connector forms have been developed through years, the connectors have three basic applications namely,

1. Taping.

2. Splicing.

3. Termination.

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