This is a technical paper submitted by Harish Agarwal (CEO Supreme & Co)at International conference on Development of 1200kv National Test Station 29-30th september 2010, new delhi,India organished by International Council on Large Electric Systems(CIGRE) and Central Board of Irrigation & Power

October 5, 2010

Co-Authors K.Mukherjee, A.K.Pal & P.Barua of Supreme & Co.Pvt.Ltd,Kolkata,India.


Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd(PGCIL) took a visionary step of adopting 1200kV Power Transmission System as next higher system voltage after 765kV system for bulk power transmission keeping in view to the projected growth of capacity addition in Power Generation. PGCIL took a landmark decision of developing the entire range of equipment for sub-station and transmission line indigenously and created one Project Steering Committee(PSC) and several Working Groups(WG) equipment-wise.

Supreme & Co. Pvt. Ltd.(Supreme) during that period was mostly involved in lower voltage areas but were in the process of testing of 400kV Line Hardware Fittings & Accessories. Management of Supreme being motivated with PGCIL’s move towards 1200kV development appealed for an opportunity of becoming an active associate of the relevant Working Groups as well as PSC with full commitment to develop such product in-house and on their own investment for this National Project of Bina Test Station.

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